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I’ve had a few friends and readers write in with questions about yoni magic, so I thought I would clear some of them up here!

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Why is it called “yoni” magic and not “sexual” magic?

My understanding is that yoni magic and sexual (or tantric) magic are two completely separate energies.

For those who practice tantra (even non-sexual forms of tantra like yab-yum), there is usually a connection of energy fields and an exchange of energy between two partners.

The yin partner (usually a vagina-owner) gives energy from their heart into the heart chakra of the yang partner (usually a penis-owner). The yang partner then passes that energy down to their sacral chakra before offering it to the yin partner’s sacral chakra. The yin partner receives that sacral energy before pulling it up to their heart chakra and starting over.

For partners that join their bodies together along with their spirits, it is common for the yang partner to lose jing or sexual energy. Yin partners, on the other hand, increase their jing when they orgasm!

Yoni magic doesn’t necessarily involve partners. It can be a solely individual practice and doesn’t necessarily have to involve masturbation or orgasm. Essentially, its main crux is simply appreciating how awesome your yoni is.


What if I’m scared of my yoni?

Okay, there’s no pressure! If you’re still dealing with trauma or other beliefs that make it difficult for you to interact with your yoni, that’s okay.

You can still work magic and embrace your jing energy without even going near your yoni.

If you’re wanting to practice, just find a different way to express your divine feminine energy. A healing bath may be exactly what you need.

You may also want to envision sending energy from your other chakras to heal and nurture your sacral chakra, especially after trauma.

Continue to envision love, send love, and be love. Your magic is special, and it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.


What if I’m trans/gender-neutral? Can I still practice yoni magic?

Absolutely. Universal energy cares more about your spiritual body rather than the physical form you are in right now. Some people may find that their spiritual body is more yin or yang than the body they are living in currently.

If you want to practice yoni magic, practice it. If you don’t have a physical yoni, you can work with your spiritual yoni through meditation.

If you don’t want to practice yoni magic, then don’t! It may not feel right to you if your spiritual body is yang.


Can I use intercourse to build yoni energy?

If you enjoy making whoopie, you can 100% use that experience to build your yoni energy. However, in tantra, jing is believed to be lost during ejaculation but not orgasm.

For penis-owners, there are multiple tantra blogs out there that explain the difference and how to generate jing. That being said, I haven’t seen any that are specifically geared for trans women, meaning that they often aren’t inclusive with their language.

Some people may also work with their spiritual yoni while building jing in their physical body.


What kind of yoni magic rituals are out there?
What can I do to send love to my yoni?
How can I use yoni energy to manifest my goals?

Stay tuned, my babes. I’m going to be cooking up all kinds of rituals and then linking them to this blog!

For now, I’m gonna go dance to Lizzo in some lingerie and eat some whipped frickin’ cream.

Go celebrate your yoni!


Curious about yoni magic?

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