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We’re keeping it simple this new moon because Virgo is all about that simplicity. In the early morning of September 17th, 2020, we step into the darkness of the Virgo New Moon.

As always, new moons are a time to set goals and intentions. I personally don’t think there is a better new moon to set goals in than the analytical Virgo.


What Does Virgo Energy Bring to Us?

Do you remember that restless energy a few months ago when we were passing through Gemini? Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, the planet that rules over adventure, communication, and intelligence. They’re also both Mutable signs, which makes them adaptable

(Ever notice how the tightest squads are usually comprised of Gemini-Virgo-Libras? That Mercury and duality aspects help them identify and develop those close bonds!)

As we think about Virgo, we harken back to Gemini. The primary energies for this season are logical, restless, and charming.

Virgo is known for being overly analytical and critical, with an innate ability to pick apart a problem and put it all back together in a way that makes sense. They like to collect facts and have a difficult time making a decision until they’ve done all of their research.

This pairs well with their penchant for organizing and sorting. They like to get their ducks in a line and think that the chaos in themselves, their friends, and their world can be tamed through logical means.

Unfortunately, because they live in their heads, it can be difficult for them to access or communicate their true feelings with the people they care about. It’s not unheard of for a Virgo to be overly critical of their loved ones, not because they don’t love who they are NOW but because they want to help them become THEIR BEST SELF.

Since they have a hard time opening up, Virgos are usually perceived as shy, private, or cold people. But that’s not true. Virgos (and their symbol of the Virgin) are the practical caregivers of the zodiac, the being that harvests the crops, separates the wheat from the chaff, grinds it into flour, makes the bread, and uses the most practical and efficient means to do all of that. And at the end of it, they give the bread to their friends, family, and stray animals they find along their way.

Ultimately, they want to make the world a better place—to help everyone reach PERFECTION.

Because they’re incessantly sifting through new information, compiling, analyzing, and filing, Virgos can wear themselves out pretty easily. They overthink and worry about almost every situation. Their constant strive for perfection (which doesn’t exist) keeps them constantly moving, so it’s hard for them to relax even when they’re worn out. Taking time off of a project makes them feel like they are failing because they are falling behind on that quest for perfection.

Underneath everything, Virgos want to make the world, themselves, and their people better than they were the day before. To top it all off, this new moon occurs in the third decanate of Virgo, which is ruled by Venus. This adds a little extra charm to the moon and a little more sensitivity to the reserved Virgo energy.


The Aspects for the Virgo New Moon

Right now, the Sun and Moon are both trine Saturn (which is in retrograde, by the way!). While Saturn is retrograde, we focus on the commitments we make to other people and determine if the effort we put into them is worth it. With Sun trine Saturn, we’re going to be able to focus clearly on the issue at hand and work hard, like solar energy shining its light on the problem at hand. Moon trine Saturn lends us patience and a balance to our emotions, helping to buffer upwellings of feelings as we process our thoughts.

The Moon is also trine Pluto, whose retrograde has uncovered our fears, wounds, and shadow selves. The Moon trine Pluto heightens our ability to feel things, though those feelings don’t usually appear as emotional outbursts. Rather we’re able to receive that emotional wisdom that perhaps has been hiding in the depths of our psyches. Tune into this and absorb it. Connecting to that emotional wisdom is not something that Virgo is known for, but allowing ourselves to receive this information right now could be invaluable.

Venus is square Uranus, although it is separating, indicating that we will begin moving into a place of more emotional stability and gushy connection with our loved ones. So if things have been difficult recently, just bear with. It’s about to get cozy again.

However, Mars is about to be square Saturn. This…isn’t fun energy to be in. It lends a feeling of being scattered and stressed with everything due at once, everyone needing something at once, and projects piling up. It wouldn’t be overstepping to say that you might overbook your schedule in the next few days or put too much on your plate. The Virgo energy to maximize and perfect will increase that tension, as you feel as though you should be able to accomplish everything TOMORROW and accomplish it to perfection as well. Be kind to yourself.

All in all, these aspects all seem very helpful for Virgoan energy and goalsetting. We’ll have an insurgence of emotional wisdom with the ability to buffer the uncomfortableness and absorb its truths. We’re able to focus more clearly on what we desire, and we’re finding a comfortable resolution for any emotional tensions we’ve had with partners lately. The only real worry, for the time being, is to not dive head-first into Virgo’s tendency to succeed at everything, to maximize, to achieve, to be the best. Don’t put too much on your plate. Try to focus and finish a task from beginning to end to find resolution and success in your day-to-day.


Focusing on Your Health

Virgo is associated with the intestines, nervous system, and the Solar Plexus chakra. If you’re someone who has Virgo in your chart, this won’t be news to you! Virgos have a tendency to worry themselves to death, which often manifests as tummy aches, loss of appetite, nausea, and actual cramping and pain in the Solar Plexus. They’re similar to Cancers in that their fretting will almost always give them a little belly ache.

At this time, it’s best to eat calming foods. Nothing too spicy or fried should be on the menu. Only natural foods and things that are easy to digest.

Try to meditate and stay calm, reduce worries if possible, and don’t put too much on your schedule or your plate.


Specific Goals For September 2020 New Moon in Virgo

Some goals that you want to set during the Virgo New Moon are:

  • anything associated with details (repairing and tidying, planning and goal setting (hah!), analyzing and doing research, finishing projects, starting new routines)
  • anything associated with your health (eating better, exercising, stretching, meditating, learning to relax)
  • anything associated with helping others or yourself, making the world a better place
  • anything associated with perfectionism


Journaling Ideas for The New Moon in Virgo

While I would say that we should really focus on letting go of the concept of perfection, that’s really something that we focus more on during the Virgo Full Moon in six months. Instead, use this time to imagine what a perfect world or day would look like for you. Envision every detail of perfection. Use your analytical Virgo mind to brainstorm or research all of the details you need to get there, organize them effectively, and then start working towards them. But remember to go easy on yourself, as perfection isn’t something you’ll ever be able to obtain.

Other questions to ponder and journal about this time of the year are:

  • How do I want to improve my body in the next year? Do I need to change my diet/exercise/meditation routine before winter comes?
  • Are there routines that I would like to instill in my day-to-day? How would I like my morning and evenings to look? What sorts of plans do I need to set into place to make those routines easier?
  • How could I improve the efficiency of the projects I’m currently working on? What research do I need to do to be better prepared?
  • What projects need to be finished? Can I organize them so that the easiest and quickest ones are first so that I can build up momentum?
  • How can I make the world or my community a better place?

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