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A New Moon in Taurus, awesome goal-setting energy, restlessness + restriction from Uranus and Saturn, and the LYRID AND PI PUPPID METEOR SHOWERS?!

This week couldn’t get more interesting.

Read below for deets on the meteors, an exploration of the Taurus New Moon energy, a new moon ritual, and some specific things you might want to wish for during this New Moon in Taurus.



First of all, for us star-loving folks, this new moon in Taurus comes at an awesome time!

The annual Lyrid meteor shower peaks on the night of April 22-23, 2020.

Since the meteors appear as though they’re coming from Lyra and Hercules constellations, they’ll peak around 5 am EST with visibility starting around 9:30 pm.

According to NASA [], we usually see around 10-20 meteors and hour during the Lyrids, and they’re known for being quick and bright meteors.

While those in the southern hemisphere can still see the Lyrids, it’ll probably be easier to see the Pi Puppids. They’re found between Sirius and Canopus and can produce around 20 meteors an hour. Usually they’re pretty slow, so they streak across the sky in long arcs!



While some people might see the new moon as the sad disappearance of the full moon a few weeks ago, it’s actually the brand new beginning to the next moon cycle.

On Thursday, we start gearing up for the Flower Moon on May 7th (also called the Hare or Milk Moon).

I always think it’s fun to envision this next full moon as you set your intentions and goals. Thinking of flowers growing and life coming back to the earth makes me even more inspired to set productive goals—a super facet of the Taurus New Moon.



Yeah, you heard that right. Even though we’re currently stuck in our homes, the Taurus New Moon is usually an amazing time to set tangible goals.

(Ironically, it’s also a good time to connect with the Earth, do physical work outside, and set nature-oriented goals. But we’re gonna just laugh that off right now during COVID. However, you can focus on putting down figurative roots rather than the literal.)

While earth signs are associated with stability, Taurus is especially known for its relationship to money, routines, and their determined (*cough* headstrong) nature.

Kind of a rough sign to embrace at the moment as many of us have lost our daily routines and—for some of us—our livelihoods. But for those of us at home, it’s still a good time to reconnect with routines, set goals, and start new projects.

Because of this super-stimulated goal-setting Taurus energy coursing through our spirits, you might find that you start feeling even more restless during the quarantine.

That restlessness might explode into impulsivity and chaos (with moon conjunct Uranus), and you might feel even more restricted, with goals pushed to the backburner by outside forces (moon square Saturn). It’s going to be even more difficult to make progress on your goals.

However, the influence of these two planets matches well with the steadfast nature of Taurus, helping us move forward slowly while building our resiliency and adaptability.

I mean, Taurus new moon, I feel like you’re just kinda regurgitating back to us what we’re already feeling during this quarantine. But, hey, at least we have something else to blame it on?



Ironically, Taurus is associated with the health of your throat and is known to be associated with coughs. A bad omen with COVID still ravaging the world currently.

Your throat, neck, vocal cords, tonsils, and thyroid are all susceptible to injury right now, so be extra tender with them.



The earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, as well as Aquarius will be most affected.



Getting to the fun part, we’ve got a new moon ritual on the horizon.

Like always, it’s a time of setting intentions, hoping for the best, and celebrating what you accomplished over the past moon cycle.

Usually, I like to do my new moon ritual outside in the darkness, sometimes with a candle burning.

While you can do this with others, be sure to create a sacred, quiet space where you’re able to set intentions without interruption.

You can write anything you want on your paper, though for goal-setting sake, you’ll probably want to choose one big goal and one new habit to start from your list. Just for the sake of reducing overwhelm.

Once you’re written your goals, imagine what it’s going to feel like when you accomplish each goal and truly envision that future reality.

And then fold these wishes and place them on a window-ledge where the powerful moon energy can pass over it as it moves back into a Full Moon.



Some goals that you want to set during the Taurus New Moon might be:

  • anything to do with the physical body (food, drink, diet and making healthier food choices, sexuality, setting boundaries, accepting oneself, and becoming aware of your own needs)
  • anything to do with ownership (possessions, clothing, purchasing things, spending or accumulating money)
  • anything to do with happiness (expressing gratitude, being content with what we have, enjoying nature and the little things)
  • anything to do with hard work (long projects with lots of steps, persistence, building foundations, learning new things, starting new careers)
  • releasing stubbornness (possessiveness, resisting change, stagnation)

Some examples could be:

  • I am going to be more conscious about the food I’m putting in my body.
  • I am going to explore my physical relationships, bringing more openness and gratitude into them rather than stagnation.
  • I’m going to start my spring cleaning!
  • I will take the first steps on (a big project) and write out all of the steps I need to complete to accomplish it.
  • I will let go of my expectations for my life path at the moment.
  • It’s time to put out my garden, and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to grow my own food.
  • I’m going to be especially kind to my throat and vocal cords during this period (which also aligns with my self-isolation goal!).

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