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We’re quickly approaching the June 2020 Full Moon in Sagittarius, and with this one comes with a Lunar Eclipse!

For those of you wanting to watch the eclipse, it might be visible on the eastern coast of South America, all of Africa/Australia/Antarctica, and parts of Europe and Asia (not visible in northern latitudes). It peaks at 7:24 pm UTC on June 5th.

Technically, the moon will become completely full at 8:13 pm UTC on June 5th just after the eclipse.



We talked about it a few weeks ago, but this moon is our Strawberry Moon (also Dyad/Mead/Rose Moon).

I’m sticking with the strawberry theme because I am so ready for the strawberry picking season! However, drinking a big glass of strawberry mead while doing my full moon ritual surrounded by roses sounds absolutely divine.



Though our sun is currently in Gemini, our moon is moving through the sign opposite Gemini:  Sagittarius.

The archer, Sagittarius is an adventurous sign known for their optimism and philosophical nature! It also rules our beliefs and communication, gifting Sagittarians with an innate ability to stand up for themselves and defend their opinions.

Sagittarius embraces adventure and travel opportunities, and their fearless nature allows them to launch into new projects or places easily. Paired with its philosophical side, you’ll probably be able to recognize your Sagittarius friends as those people who travel for spiritual retreats, go through yoga teacher training, read extensively about philosophy, or quite possibly explore the usage of shamanistic drugs to expand their awareness.

You’ll frequently find them to be highly open to debates. While some may see them as argumentative, Sagittarians just want to learn something new and will assimilate new information if they believe it is valid. They love to hash out ideas, welcoming your opinions as long as you’re able to back them up. However, it will never be an easy debate since Sagittarians really ground down into their beliefs. Quite often, their beliefs are a strong part of their personal identity.

A fire sign, they can sometimes use their eloquence, dynamism, and stubbornness to form a tight and nearly impenetrable shield around themselves. If you’re able to get behind their shield, you’ll find that they’re a squishy, sensitive ball of emotions with the energy and fire of a child. They might look like they have it all together, but behind the defensive wall of fire is a sign that just needs a good cuddle (and a LOT OF SPACE).

They also use fire energy to figuratively fire up their hearths or anvils. They’re visionaries and can use their fire to blaze a trail (fire + air), go full steam ahead (fire + water), or explode into the life they want (fire + earth). You might also find that they have intense sexual energy and a smoldering gaze.

Because of their adventurous side, openness to new ideas, optimism, and fiery heart, they can also be one of the kinkiest zodiac signs!



While New Moons are a time of setting intentions, Full Moons are a time to revisit our intentions.

Six months ago, we set goals about beliefs, faith, search for meaning, adventure, and learning during the Sagittarius New Moon.

During the Sagittarius Full Moon, we weed that garden, letting go of old goals that no longer serve us. Are we holding on to old beliefs that don’t fit anymore? Do we need to leave a life path behind, even if we thought it was the right thing six months ago?

We’ll go into more ideas like this further below in our full moon ritual.



In general, a lunar eclipse puts your relationships under a microscope. We might be more inclined to think about how our relationships are affected by other aspects of our lives.

Are you a workaholic that’s not spending enough time with your partner? Are you in an unfulfilling relationship just because it’s easier than breaking up?

A lunar eclipse leaves NO stone unturned and can churn up a whole boat-load of stuff you don’t want to deal with. If your relationship is already shaky, a lunar eclipse can cause hostility and even breakups.

We also find feminine qualities are super-heightened (think feelings, intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom, and receiving). If you’re contemplating all of those relationship questions, chances are you’ll know the answer you’re looking for.

Lunar eclipses are also a cleansing time. Like a huge Etch-a-Sketch, the eclipse wipes the moon clean and gets rid of all of the emotional crap we’ve been carrying around for the past six months. (FINALLY, am I right?)



Venus is still retrograde, which is another bad omen for our relationships. While Venus is normally the symbol of love, it’s said that when she is retrograde, she turns to war. Her biggest enemy in war? Your relationships. Clearly.

Venus retrograde makes it difficult for you to give and receive love. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll probably find that it’s harder to meet each other’s needs. If you’re single, you might find that you’re more inclined to lower your standards just so you’re not alone. You may fill this emptiness with bad food, bad sex, or shopping sprees. You might also run into old loves and replay those relationships, only to realize that you two still do not fit together.

Since the moon is square Mars, violence and anger are also amplified. It’ll be easy for you to lose your temper, and you may say things that you don’t mean. When that mixes with Venus (Venus square Mars), you’ve got some serious sexual tension, impulsivity, and sexual frustration. It might even manifest as an affair.

Venus is square Neptune, though not strongly. The shadiness and uncertainty of Neptune have us realizing that no one is actually able to live up to our ideal Spiritual Daddy that we’re looking for. It’s basically a huge reality check, making us realize how we’ve been lying to ourselves and others in love.

We also have the fixed star Ras Algethi showing up. Located in Hercules, it’s known for making people bold, instilling dangerous passions, and has a Saturn-Venus nature that can make you cruel. It brings sadness to relationships, especially for women. It makes sense when you consider Hercules’ story.

(Nessus was a centaur who had been poisoned by Hercules. While dying, he told Deianeira that a shirt stained with Nessus’ blood would prevent Hercules from cheating on her. It did. In the worst way possible. When Deianeira gave Hercules’ the shirt, the poison from Nessus’ blood began to cook him alive. His agony was so great that he built a funeral pyre and threw himself onto it.)

This is an interesting combination. Mars is in Pisces, a water sign known for its intense feelings and penchant for crying. (We love you, watery Pisces!) The lunar eclipse heightens our feelings to the max. Venus retrograde has us nitpicking our relationships. And Neptune’s got us realizing no one will ever be good enough for us. All of this to say:  you’ll most likely have some violent, explosive, and unpredictable crying sessions as you process through your issues.

However, this can also be a very healing time, especially if one uses that intense sexual frustration and energy to manifest. It might be a great time to practice yoni magic, building up yonic creation energy to work through problems and get shit done. You can read more about yoni magic here if you’re interested!



Sagittarius is associated with the lumbar spine, pelvis, thighs, and liver. Be extra gentle if doing any intense hamstring stretches, hip openers, or backbends. It might also be a good time to steer clear of alcohol and lower your caffeine intake while increasing your water intake. Take care of your liver.



Gemini, Sagittarius, and Cancer are most affected by the full moon and lunar eclipse.

Gemini, Taurus, and Libra are most affected by Venus retrograde.

Aries and Scorpio will be easier to anger as Mars rules over them.

And Pisces will feel especially unclear with Neptune’s energy pulling on them.



For this ritual, we head outside under the Full Moon and connect with the feminine moon and earth.

We establish a sacred space however we see fit. You may put out a special blanket to sit on, light candles, burn sage or incense, or meditate.

Similar to the new moon ritual, we start with our journal, writing down all the things we are letting go of. Any limiting beliefs, painful emotions, or old relationships, we write down.

For any full moon, it is appropriate to let go of negative energy and our limiting beliefs. These might manifest as:  I’m not good enough. I’m not as good as them. I’m worried about _______. I am afraid of failing.  I’m afraid of what other people think of me. I don’t think that I have anything of value to add to others’ lives. I feel like I have to do everything to be a good person. This specific person should _______ (love me, be nicer, do what I want them to do).

Specific ideas for this full moon are posted below the ritual.

After you write everything out, place your list in a fire. Some may have a bonfire burning during their rituals. Others may wish to burn it in a small, fireproof bowl. You may even be a maverick that puts the sheet over a burning candle, holding it until it burns almost to ash.

Cleanse your energy, either with sage, incense, meditation, a song, water, or any other way you prefer to cleanse yourself. A lunar bath would also be lovely!

Hold your intention of letting go in your mind.

Before heading back inside, remember that the full moon is a great time to charge crystals or make moon water.

Since it’s a lunar eclipse, the energy will be especially cleansing and will help get rid of residual emotions. If there is an object that you have especially negative feelings about, it might be a good evening to set it in the moonlight (indoors is fine) to help remove negative energy.



We look back to our Sagittarius New Moon to hone our focus. It’s time to reassess and let go of:

  • religious practices or places of worship if they no longer support you
  • worries or psychic blockages
  • grasping for a spiritual answer
  • expecting the worse
  • travel plans and foreign travel plans, especially in light of COVID
  • baggage around legal proceedings (think divorce or custody battles)
  • needing to be right
  • making assumptions about people
  • communication that injures oneself or others

Some examples could be:

  • To the plans for trips and travel, I let you go, knowing that my time for travel will happen exactly as it’s supposed to.
  • To my ex-partner, I let go of the pain I feel. I let go of my expectations for our relationship. I let go of our relationship as it was to make room for something different.
  • I see my assumptions about others, and I let them go.
  • I let go of cruel words, cruel thoughts, and cruel actions.
  • To feeling as though I always need to be right, I let you go.
  • I let go of my tendency to grasp tightly onto a spiritual answer.



Full Moons are a time of release, as we let go of things that no longer serve us. They’re a moment of intense energy, making it a great time to charge crystals or perform rituals.

The lunar eclipse makes this an especially cleansing time. Your intuition, feelings, and wisdom are all heightened, and your attention is directed towards your relationships.

Venus retrograde zooms in on our relationships a second time and leaves us wanting more love. The other planets make us sexually frustrated, easy to anger, and aware if we’re lying to ourselves or others about our relationships.

This specific full moon is in Sagittarius, so we look back on the goals we set six months ago. It is time to reassess whether those goals still serve us. Ask yourself if you are holding on to old beliefs, a religious practice, or an adventure that no longers serve you. Perhaps you are holding onto a relationship even though it is not what you thought it was. Maybe it is time to close that adventure’s chapter.

This full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius can be especially cleansing and healing. It is a great time to gently reassess your strongly held beliefs and let go of relationships that no longer serve you. It might also be a good time to practice yoni magic. Use the sexual tension and energy to amp up your yonic manifesting energy.

Have a lot of fun with your full moon ritual this month! It’s a powerful one! Just be sure to be gentle with oneself, keeping in mind that your communication and feelings of self-love may still be a bit off.

If you have big personal discoveries about your previous goals, ride your emotions like Pisces. Let the tears flow. It’s all gonna be okay, baby.

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