Our Mission

Share the Magic

At Mud + Breath,

we get muddy, grow tenderly, explore consciously, live warmly, and do it all with the breath in mind.

We bring childlike magic, dirty feet, and windblown hair back into a hectic world through snarky stories, do-it-yourself projects, and empowering factoids.

Our stories focus on holistic wellness (yoga, spirituality, herbalism, meditation, and stress relief), alternative living (organic farming, cooking, canning, fermenting, homesteading, tiny homes/living small, minimizing, hiking, and hygge), and mysticism (moon magic, astrology, rituals, and spells).

We love sourdough and strong coffee, sunbleached hair and wind-whipped cheeks, babies and cats, adventures and old books, tiny houses and campfire-smoked tents, and most of all:  you.

Share the Magic