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As a follow-up to last week’s post on How Yoni Magic Changed My Life, I thought I’d write another post about manifesting yoni magic in your own life!

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How do you learn to do yoni magic?

The journey will manifest in different ways for different people.

It might look like coming to terms with your sexual orientation, gender identity, or the way your sexuality is influenced by your sexual orientation or gender identity.

It might look like being more accepting of your kinks or your partner’s kinks. For some, it might look like consensually exploring those kinks.

And for others, it might be doing work to destigmatizing sexuality, retraining the mind from thinking sex is taboo, or embracing that sex can be for pleasure and not just for procreation.

I didn’t start feeling or practicing yoni magic until I went through a personal transformation, and I don’t think it would have been possible for me to start manifesting without first letting go of a lot of old judgments that didn’t serve me.


What does yoni magic look like?


It can manifest in intense sexual energy, lots of exploration with toys, the charging and use of crystal and glass toys for all-over massage, wearing sexy lingerie, dancing to sexy music, flirting on dating apps, or taking photos (and, for some people, putting them online).

Some even practice yoni magic as a form of sex work, using their intense magical practice to make money while also growing their jing energy.



For some, it looks like hanging out on nude beaches with the sun on their yoni, honoring the menstrual cycle, celebrating the creative life-giving energy of the body, bubble baths, soft sheets, wearing anything feminine, doing one’s makeup, being pampered, or treating oneself to anything (especially if it’s flowers or chocolate).



I mean, honestly, the sky is the limit. As long as you’re conscious of your awesome yoni energy, you’re probably practicing yoni magic.


What can yoni magic do?


First off, yoni magic builds yoni energy, the super-charged feminine energy used for creation. Traditionally that energy is used to create a new life and wee babes, but today that’s not always a priority.

Since we’re not really using that energy to make babes, we’ve got a whole truckload of creative energy just lying around. USE IT TO MANIFEST SOMETHING AMAZING.

Whether you’re setting intentions and affirmations before taking a sensual bubble bath, wrapping daisies in your hair, or feeling yo’self with that rose quartz, you’re using that yoni energy to bring things to life.

(By the way:  if you’re looking to create new life, you may want to practice yoni magic! I’m not a doctor, so talk to them. But yoni energy is powerful and spiritually healing.)



During massage, it’s not uncommon for bad memories from old relationships to come bubbling to the surface. For some, those can even be moments of trauma.

Using your yoni energy, imagine how the scenario would have played out if both partners had been their fullest and most perfect expression of spiritual love. Visualize the old wounds dissolving as you imprint this vision across all lifetimes. Use your yoni energy to make it real.

Say these affirmations:  Through this lifetime and across all others, you and that partner will never again make this karmic mistake. If you cross one another’s paths again, you will do it with more love than existed in this lifetime. This trauma will never happen again.

And then let it go.

These memories may continue to pop up, especially if traumatic or deeply imprinted. Continue to use your yoni energy to send healing vibrations across all lifetimes. Be sure to send lots of healing energy to your heart (AND YONI) in this lifetime too.



Curious about yoni magic?

I tried to answer some of the frequently asked questions about yoni in my next blog post, so hop on over there to take a look!


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