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Gemini season quickly approaches with a Venus retrograde to boot! There’s a lot of activity going on during this new moon, so hold on to your horses.

And re-read this again, because our ability to communicate is about to get f—ed.

Read below for deets on Alcyone (hey, girl), an exploration of the Gemini New Moon energy, a new moon ritual walkthrough, and some specific things you might want to wish for during the Gemini New Moon on May 22nd, 2020.



Oh, those sweet, sweet fruits. I’m seriously chomping down on strawberries as I eat this, so you know I’m ready for this Strawberry Moon.

Though we’re facing a New Moon on May 22nd, it’s the beginning of the Strawberry Moon cycle. Also known as the Dyad or Hot Moon, it’ll make its appearance on June 5th. (Dyad meaning “twins” or “two individual units that make up a pair.”)

Like always, I reference this next full moon’s energy as I set my intentions and goals. If it’s hot and has anything to do with strawberries and twins…

That came out weird.



The image of two twins (who can often be quite different from one another), Gemini is a sign of creativity, spontaneity, and activity. And it makes a lot of sense.

While the other signs only have one representative, Gemini’s twins are able to work double-time. They’re always coming up with new ideas, plans, and projects, and they’re often busy (if a bit flighty from their Air). Those two brains help them plan projects, but they also are easily distracted when the twins’ interest turns to other things.

Usually a very talkative sign, they love to connect with others, sharing excitement and spontaneity with everyone they meet.

The twins are each other’s best friend, and this shows up in Geminis too. They are very content to spend time with themselves and work on their goals without help from anyone else. Some Geminis end up unintentionally distancing themselves from others, which results in them ricocheting between extreme loneliness and overly-hyper socialization.

While all of us are going to be feeling this hyper-productive and social Gemini energy this month, it’s unfortunately not going to be that straightforward. There are a few astral bodies that are shaking things up.



Most important is the Venus Retrograde, where Venus appears to be moving backward through the sky and its usual energies are flipped upside down.

During any Venus retrograde, it’s more difficult to love and communicate. While some of you might find your love partnerships falling apart, others may face a self-love crisis with major blows to their self-esteem. Blah.

Be careful about what you spending money on, and pay attention to your investments. Pretty straightforward there.

Looking at the retrograde through Gemini glasses, we might find that we’re TOO talkative and not fully listening to others. We speak much more quickly than we think, saying the wrong thing or overstepping others. While this quirk is usually tolerated, the retrograde makes tensions high. There will be more miscommunications, misunderstandings, fights, and breakups during this time. You also could have your ability to communicate TURNED on you, finding it incredibly difficult to find the right words to express yourself.

And while you might hatch new ideas and take steps towards implementing them, it’s probably not the best time to make investments (like classes, retreats, etc.) that are going to help you achieve your goal. If you do, be sure to investigate them thoroughly.

Venus will be retrograde from May 13-June 25.



During this time, we also have the moon trine Saturn, which helps us make progress towards our long-term goals. I like to think of Saturn as a Ron Swanson of the planets, with a super-serious, do-it-yourself, by-your-bootstraps energy. He’s buff, he’s gruff, and he’s going to get shit done.

We also find the moon conjunct Alcyone, which is a fixed star and one of the Pleiades. Her story comes from Greek mythology, and she and her husband, Ceyx, were insanely in love. They even took to calling each other the pet names “Zeus” and “Hera.” You can imagine how that went over. Zeus quickly launched a lightning bolt at Ceyx’s ship, causing him to drown at sea. And when Ceyx’s ghost visited Alcyone, she threw herself into the sea and also drowned.

When the moon is conjunct Alcyone, it can bring ambition, optimism, peace, and some serious health issues (see the health section). It also leads to trips and travel (though I’m not sure how comfortable I would be getting on a ship).



Just like Taurus, Gemini is associated with the respiratory system, lungs, and capillaries, bringing our attention back to our health during the COVID crisis.  And since the new moon is conjunct Alcyone, your chances to come down with a throat ailment are higher.

Moon conjunct Alcyone also increases your chances to go blind, get shot, or be stabbed or shipwrecked. Terrible time to be an old-timey pirate, am I right?

Gemini is also associated with the shoulders, arms, and hands, so be careful in your handstand practices during this time.



The air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius will be most affected by the Gemini moon. And Taurus and Libra will be most affected by the Venus retrograde.

For all of these signs, pay extra attention to your relationships. Libra may want to focus specifically on connecting with others, while Taurus should make physical movement a priority. (I mean, we probably ALL should since we’ve been locked inside our houses for two months?? Just saying.)



Getting to the fun part, we’ve got a new moon ritual on the horizon.

Like always, the new moon is a time of setting intentions, hoping for the best, and celebrating what you accomplished over the past moon cycle.

Usually, I like to do my new moon ritual outside in the darkness, sometimes with a candle burning.

While you can do this with others, be sure to create a sacred, quiet space where you’re able to set intentions without interruption.

You can write anything you want on your paper, though for goal-setting sake, you’ll probably want to choose one big goal and one new habit to start from your list. Just for the sake of reducing overwhelm.

Once you’re written your goals, imagine what it’s going to feel like when you accomplish each goal and truly envision that future reality.

And then fold these wishes and place them on a window-ledge where the powerful moon energy can pass over it as it moves back into a Full Moon.



Some goals that you want to set during the Gemini New Moon might be:

  • anything to do with projects (small projects or big projects, it does not matter)
  • anything to do with communication, especially with Venus retrograde (speaking, listening, being understanding to others, writing, not arguing)
  • anything to do with connection (relationships with self and others, enjoying life, finding new ways to socialize, making new friends)
  • anything to do with the mind (learning new things, engineering solutions, solving puzzles or problems, practicing mindfulness, letting go of overthinking and indecision)
  • anything to do with movement (trips, travel, excitability, exercising, dancing)

Some examples could be:

  • I’m going to start writing the book I’ve wanted to write for a long time, and I’m going to use my Gemini energy to help hash out a good outline.
  • I’m going to practice listening to others, even when I want to share my two-cents.
  • I’m going to learn to validate what others are thinking rather than offering advice.
  • I want to be especially kind to myself, loving and nurturing myself even if Venus isn’t (haha). Even if I’m feeling lazy, I’m going to take a bubble bath and listen to my favorite podcast.
  • I will practice meditating for 5 minutes every day to help quiet the noise in my head right now.
  • I’m going to be especially kind to my lungs, eyes, and arms during this time, eating foods that nourish my lungs and eyes and strengthening my arms to keep them safe.

Have fun with your ritual! I’d love to hear how you celebrate and enjoy the new moon or how you overcame your struggle with Venus retrograde!

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