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Cancer New Moon:  The Comeback

Yep, we’ve got two new moons in Cancer this year. When that happens, the second new moon usually links back to the previous new moon, checking in with its energy and closing a portal.

The last new moon in Cancer gave us rebellious protest energy, a battle between freedom and restriction, and a desire to protect our families and “homes.”

But it also gave us a lot of anger and frustration.

When we pair this with the gloominess of the Full Moon in Capricorn a couple of weeks ago, this is leading us into a place of disenchantment and defeat.

Our focus the past few months has been community and home, and we continue to focus on this. We are already experiencing intense shake-ups in our friend groups and families, seeing people’s true colors, asking what relationships actually serve us, longing for community and closeness but being constantly reminded of the COVID outbreak and its dangers. It’s a lot to process, and we would be wise to build a safe foundation for our emotional home and find people to support us. Because it’s not about to get any easier.


The Retrogrades

Since this second new moon is resolving things, I wanted to take a quick moment to look at the retrograde energy we’ve experienced over the past few months.

Some people say retrogrades are only felt strongly at the beginning and end of their cycle when they’re changing directions, but I believe they apply all the time.

Our most important retrograde for this moon is Saturn. It’s conjunct the moon, which we’ll talk about below. Saturn just got back to its home territory of Capricorn not too long ago, which lets it express its power even better. But when Saturn is retrograde, that means it starts to bring up the “what ifs?”

  • What if my hard work and my life passion are pushing my friends away from me?
  • What if my desire to take care of myself prevents people from actually getting close to me?
  • What if I don’t actually need friendships and closeness to survive? Am I fine on my own?

It’s something I think a lot of us have been struggling with while we’ve been at home.

But it gets more interesting when we look at the other retrogrades and begin to paint a picture of our internal feelings during COVID.

Take Neptune retrograde for instance (June 23-Nov 28). Neptune retrograde has us disconnecting and escaping from the world, especially from people who would manipulate us for their own purposes. We choose to say home rather than hang out with idiots who refuse to wear their masks and have no respect for at-risk people who also coexist in our community.

Pluto retrograde (April 25-Oct 4) dumps all of the baggage that we hid beneath the surface where everyone can see it. Our shadow self, fears, traumas, and the shadows, fears, and traumas of everyone around us is apparent. And that means we’re able to see our friends and family for who they really are.

Then we have Jupiter retrograde (May 14-Sep 12) leaving us asking, “Do I really want to be around these people anymore? Do they actually have the same morals as me and support my vision? No? Maybe I should start looking for new friends.”

And, as of July 12th, Mercury is no longer retrograde, so our communication skills are back on track. Yep, we’re finally able to connect all of the dots without our judgment being clouded. Which is why I am now speaking out against all my friends who don’t wear masks. You know who you are.

I know that this all sounds extremely sassy, but the thing is:  this 2nd new moon in Cancer connects to the previous moon a month ago and ties itself to it. This moon is all about distancing, struggle, isolation, and sadness, and I believe that it is the result of the last new moon and the political unrest is raised.


So What Kinds of Interactions Are Influencing the New Moon?

The only real one of importance is Moon opposite Saturn retrograde. Opposition means challenges and hard work, and Saturn has a whole BBQ of them for us.

Though our moon is in Cancer (associated with home life, family, the feminine, the mama bear, and lots of feelings underneath a hard shell), it’s sitting directly opposite Saturn in Capricorn.

Saturn retrograde has us wondering about our work-life balance and negotiating responsibilities in our friendships. When that sits opposite Cancer, I think we will overthink our relationships with others. We will keep asking ourselves if we are valued, if your friends are good for us, and if they actually like us.

And our internal voice will be amplified and speak negatively toward ourselves as well. We might feel so, so lonely—maybe even rejected—by our friends. There might be feelings of low self-esteem or self-worth, worry, or depression.

There will be so many more feelings, and they’ll all be stuck inside of that Cancer shell. We will have difficulties expressing them to people and may retreat into our safe spaces in our homes.

Work has become so much more difficult than it normally would be. We feel like there is so much pressure on us, and we can’t tell if we need people to support us or we just want them to leave us the hell alone.

Be patient. Nurse yourself and care for yourself with as much Cancer Momma energy as you can muster. It is going to take a lot of hard work to get out of this, but if you are able to put in the work, it will help you grow much stronger. Think critically, journal about your feelings, and perhaps spend your time on a hobby or passion project that has nothing to do with work or home life. Nurture yourself. Stop pushing so hard for success and productivity.

There are some smaller aspects that are applying on and after this new moon that make me thing turning to a hobby might be a good idea. Three sextiles (Mercury-Uranus, Jupiter-Neptune, and Neptune-Pluto) give us the ability to think creatively, express ourselves through art, invent new things, receive psychic news, act with compassion, and find peace. Stick with it. Reach out for help.

  • Since this is happening in Cancer, this will first and foremost be an extremely difficult time for Cancers and Leos (as the sun is so close to ticking over into Leo).
  • Aries, Libra, and Capricorn will struggle.
  • Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius may have a mild case of the blues.
  • And Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces will swim through it with ease.


Focusing On Your Health

Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach, pancreas and lymphatic system, and the vagina/ovary/womb.

Usually, Cancers store a lot of their stress in their breasts (leading to breast cancer) or their stomachs (leading to digestive issues and…….well, stress tummy aches.).

Because this is an emotionally charged time, prioritize stress-reducing activities (meditation, exercise, talking to friends and family members, hanging with your pets) and eat easy-to-digest foods. Stay away from foods that cause you intestinal distress, even if they’re your favorites. I wouldn’t try any new cuisines right now.



The new moon is a time of setting intentions, hoping for the best, and celebrating what you accomplished over the past moon cycle.

Usually, I like to do my new moon ritual outside in the darkness, sometimes with a candle burning. However, I have some ideas for how to adapt this if you aren’t capable of doing that.

While you can do this with others, be sure to create a sacred, quiet space where you’re able to set intentions without interruption.

You can write anything you want on your paper, though for goal-setting sake, you’ll probably want to choose one big goal and one new habit to start from your list. Just for the sake of reducing overwhelm.

Once you’re written your goals, imagine what it’s going to feel like when you accomplish each goal and truly envision that future reality.

And then fold these wishes and place them on a window ledge where the powerful moon energy can pass over it as it moves back into a Full Moon.


Specific Goals For July 2020 New Moon in Cancer

Some goals that you want to set during the Cancer New Moon are:

  • anything associated with nurturing (caring for others, being taken care of, mothering or becoming a mother)
  • anything associated with home life (your physical house, family, security, financial security)
  • anything associated with tenderness (empathy, vulnerability, awareness of yours and others feelings)
  • anything associated with your shell (hiding, possessiveness, feeling insecure, fear)

Journaling ideas for this moon ritual:

  • Am I truly balancing my work and my life the way that I want?
  • Are the people in my family/community/friend group supporting me, my goals, and my mission? If yes, how? If not, what would it look like if they did?
  • How can I speak more kindly to myself?
  • How am I supporting myself during difficult times? What vices do I have or come back to when I’m stressed? How can I move away from them?
  • What would life feel like if I nurtured myself more? What things could I do to nurture myself?

I love you all. Stay strong. We are leaving the eclipse season and heading into Leo after this, which means we’ll have that confidence boost we all are needing.

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