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August is here, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m a Leo, and BABY, it’s my birthday month!

It’s always been a super easy month for me to cozy on up and enjoy. But the hygge experience isn’t just reserved for Leos.

Besides my birthdays, there are some pretty good reasons for celebrating this month.

The first day of August is Lammas, one of three Pagan harvest celebrations. It’s the time of the year where peaches, blackberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers are in full ripeness. And if you like to forage like me, there are countless flowers blooming, making it easy to identify plants for the future.

August is also the final month of silky humid nights and scorching days. Most people hide inside because they’re afraid of the weather, but if you are brave enough to go out, you’ll have ample opportunities for water activities, cooling foods, and lovely evening activities without feeling chilly.


13 Ideas for August Hygge

Watch the Sunrise

As the days start to get shorter, the sun rises later and later in the day. But come daylight savings time, it’s going to jump back an hour earlier again.

If you’re like me and are not a morning person, this is one of the best times (*cough* ONLY TIMES *cough*) of the year to catch the sunrise. I like to enjoy it with a steaming hot cup of coffee and an heirloom, crocheted shawl on my front porch.

Take advantage of these mornings as we come into fall. Watch as the bugs and birds start to leave us, and witness the flowers and leaves begin to rest for the winter. Look for the first cool day of fall on the air. August obviously isn’t the time for colorful leaves, but it does give us a baseline as we observe these changes.


Make Sun Tea

Summer isn’t summer without sun tea. It’s a family staple and something that my dad used to make every weekend during summer. He would set the jar of sun tea out on the porch in the early morning and then work all day in the garden before jumping in the lake to cool off. In the evenings, we’d doctor up the sun tea and enjoy it together on the front porch.

All you need is a big pickle jar with a lid, some black tea bags for sweet tea, water, and a sunny day! (And obviously sugar and ice cubes later on!)


Watch the Clouds Go By

While this July was unusually sunny and hot, the past few days have been populated with thunderstorms, drizzles, and 50/50 days with HUGE, poofy clouds. These make for such amazing opportunities to slow down!

I’ve been eyeing the big white clouds as they float across the sky while I’m out gardening. I’m always on the lookout for something interesting in their shapes:  a bunny rabbit, a chef with a funny hat, a dragon… While a solo picnic and a blanket in a local park are absolutely lovely in their own right, why not find a friend to join you? It’s more fun to point to clouds together and say what each person thinks they see.


Make Popsicles from Scratch

Super hot days. So much fruit coming on that you don’t know what to do with it. UGH, IT IS POPSICLE SEASON!!!

If you don’t have a popsicle tray, you should definitely pick one up. Then just start making whatever kinds of popsicles tickle your fancy. A few years ago, a roommate made watermelon, mint, and vodka (whaaat?), but my favorite kind of popsicle is anything blueberry or peach. Good thing I froze up a bunch of blueberries earlier this summer!


Play in the Sprinklers

We used to do this every summer when we were little, and I’m so sad that it’s not something that adults do!

I’m going to challenge myself to this hygge activity, and I’m challenging you too! The next super hot day, rig up the sprinkler and run through it like an idiot. Scream a little bit while you’re at it. Maybe skip through it while you’re at it.

We can do this.


Enjoy Summer Baking (Peach Cobbler, Blackberry Treats)

I have been baking like crazy lately! I’m not really what’s gotten into me. Just the other day, I went on a huge tirade about the hygge properties of baking. Nothing says hygge like baked goods, hands down!

With the peaches coming on, I can barely think of anything except peach cobbler, even as I write this! I might have to take a little break to go whip some up…

I’m back.

Final thoughts? Find some local fruit at the farmer’s market (if they’re still doing that in your area), and make yourself a fancy treat on the weekend. Enjoy it with family and homemade ice cream in the heat of the evening.


Hang Your Laundry on the Line

Why do I feel like no one does this anymore? Is it only me that doesn’t hang their laundry on the line? Maybe everyone else is out there living the hygge dream without me?

Even though I always hang my laundry to dry inside my home, it’s a very rare occasion that I actually hang it outside. But there is something really special about clothes that have been hang-dried. They have this intense freshness of the breeze that is only apparent when they’ve been drifting on the wind all day.


Curl Up for August Thunderstorms

The thunderstorms continue to roll in in the past few weeks, and I feel like their frequency is only increasing. We have a porch that faces the storms, so we quite often curl up outside with a cozy blanket and watch as they swallow the town.

I’ve always been scared of storms, so watching a storm with someone close to me that I feel safe with makes this an activity with a little extra bit of hygge in it. Add peach cobbler mentioned above? BAM. Even more hygge.


Listen to the Cricket, Frogs, and Cicadas

Just a few days ago, the cicadas started singing in my yard! This is undeniably the sound of August.

Take advantage of the fleeting moments by truly savoring the noises of the cicadas, crickets, and frogs. It won’t be much longer now before they’ve all disappeared for the winter, and we’ll be left with the quiet whispers of fall evenings.


Stargaze with the Perseid Meteor Shower

Ranging from July 17 to August 26, the Perseid Meteor Shower will peak on August 11-12. There will be 50-75 meteors an hour, so it will definitely be a show to take advantage of!

When we were younger, we came out to our property in the early morning to watch these meteors. With blankets and pillows, we curled up as a family and counted them as they went by.

Today, I would do the same thing, put The XX on, have a little thermos of hot tea in case it got too chilly, and settle in with someone I adored.


Go Swimming at Night

The days of swimming are also quickly coming to a close, so you’d best take advantage of them while you can.

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to go swimming at night time, especially near the end of summer. The cool air plus the warm water makes for a very interesting sensation; you almost want to stay in the water for as long as physically possible.


Have a Bonfire and Toast S’mores

I don’t think I need to explain this one to you, but I will anyway! Warm fire, pretty light to look at, the smell and sound of cracking wood, playing musical chairs around the smoke, tentatively balancing of the marshmallow on the stick before it falls off into the fire, the crunchy-sweet-gooey goodness of s’mores.

The only real question is, “Why did I include this in August?”

Well, because I just had a bonfire the other day with someone who makes me smile, and I really want to have another one soon that is just as cute + s’mores.

S’mores and bonfires are wonderful any time of the year, though, so maybe consider making this a monthly ritual with people you care about? Oooh, I can only imagine the bundle up blankets of the January bonfire while the chocolate freezes in the chilly breeze.


Burn Citronella Candles Instead

One hallmark of Danish hygge is candles. Candles everywhere, all the time, all winter long!

But in the long days of summer, it’s a little more difficult to think of burning candles, and I often forget about it completely.

An easy substitute is to start incorporating citronella candles or lanterns into your routine. They help you extend your outside time without getting eaten up by mosquitos, and they still bring the inherent emotional warmth upon looking at them.


I think that’s about it for my August hygge checklist. There are a few other habits I’m still working on myself (journaling, working on my summer reading list, and practicing watercolors), but it’s a little difficult for me to devote time to them currently. I’ve been presented an opportunity for someone sweet to come into my life, and it’s been a delight to create these hygge experiences to make socially distancing just a little more intimate and special.

I hope you all enjoy your August hygge experiences! Savor every little minute of it!

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