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Listen up, y’all! If you haven’t heard of yoni magic before, hold on to your britches, because it’s about to change your life!

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What is yoni magic?

Have you ever stumbled upon one of those witchy sex goddesses on Instagram?

I’m talking about those ladies that embody every Leo or Scorpio character trait (or Leo+Scorpio, hot damn):  wearing lace, leather, and furs and rolling around in their satin sheets with a rose quartz massage wand?

That was my first exposure to yoni magic, and I didn’t understand what it was.

At first, I thought it was just a technique to increase followers or a sales pitch. “There’s no way these people could ACTUALLY be doing healing work, right?” I’d ask myself, shaking my head.


When did yoni magic first start working in my life?

First, yoni magic made me reassess my opinion on others’ sexual expression.

“How other people choose to express their sexuality is not my business,” I would remind myself. But then I’d see another post online, and my brain would go haywire.

Over time, I settled into a place where I tolerated yoni magic like the weird black sheep of the family. Then, I became comfortable with it. 

And then that kindness and acceptance towards others…started to transform me.


It started to slowly set the foundation…

One morning, I decided to journal my intentions for a dream partner. I set out everything I wanted in a partner. I reread it every new and full moon, letting it all sink in. I put it out there in rituals.

I thought I was manifesting the hell out of it.

And then that person never showed up.

Sure, I had some incredibly loving partners appear in my life, but we weren’t fully aligned. There were also horribly mismatched partners–people who were not at all in tune with my energy.

In between partnership, there were lulls of solo-ness. Sadness. Loneliness.


And then the magic happened.

And it was in those lulls that I started to learn my biggest lessons about love.

I started showing up for myself. I took hot baths in rose-scented water with candles all around me. I drank wine in lingerie while eating peaches and watching rom coms. I even got a pedicure.

I know. Wild.

And then one day, while sitting buck naked in the desert with the morning sun on my yoni, it clicked.

My sexuality—my amazing sexual energy—didn’t only exist when in partnership. It existed 24/7. Every day. And it came from inside me.


Curious about yoni magic?

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