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The first time I heard of yoni magic, I was appalled.

“What? What the hell is that? This person is portraying themselves as a slut on the internet? Talking about their magic sexual wands and stuff? Posting photos in lingerie for everyone to see? What is going on? People are ridiculous.”


That was some seriously judgmental shit I was going through.

But now I’ve come full circle and am over here SHOUTING ABOUT YONI MAGIC FROM THE ROOFTOPS.

People change.


What the heck is yoni magic?

Let’s back up.

Have you ever stumbled upon one of those witchy sex goddesses on Instagram? One of those ladies that embodies every single facet of Leo or Scorpio (or Leo+Scorpio, hot damn)? Wearing lace and leather and rolling around in their beds with a rose quartz massage wand? Satin sheets and furs galore?

That was my first exposure to yoni magic.

And I didn’t understand what the hell it was.

I thought these women were posting sexy photos online to get more followers. I thought they were trying to sell me another expensive crystal item that I definitely didn’t need. There’s no way they could ACTUALLY be doing healing work.

And every single time I saw them, I felt…bad for them. Like they resorted to this just to get likes and attention.

Then I started to check myself.


You gotta let go of those judgments.

First, I worked on reframing my beliefs about other people’s sexualities.

“How other people choose to express their sexuality is not my business,” I would remind myself.

I’d see another post online, and my brain would go haywire.



For someone who’s part of the queer community, I could not believe how shitty I was being towards others who were expressing their sexuality in a way that felt good for them.

Over time, I settled into a place where I tolerated them like the weird black sheep of the family. Eventually I became comfortable with them practicing their “yoni magic.” 

And then that kindness and acceptance towards others…

started to transform me.


I started looking at my own sexuality and questioning my judgments.

The first step was journaling my intentions for my dream partner. I set out everything I wanted in a spiritually-awakened partner, down to the minutest detail.

I reread it every new and full moon, letting it all sink in.

I put it out there in rituals.

I thought I was manifesting the crap out of it.

And then that person never showed up.

While I had some incredibly loving partners appear in my life (love y’all), we weren’t fully aligned and parted amicably.

And when there weren’t loving partners in my life, there were horribly mismatched partners. People who were not at all in tune with my energy. Some were so out of tune that they were toxic.

In between partnership, there were lulls of solo-ness.



And it was in those lulls that I started to learn my biggest lessons about love.

I started showing up for myself. I took hot baths in rose-scented water with candles all around me. I drank wine in lingerie while eating peaches and watching rom coms. I got pedicures, did my makeup, and put on sexy outfits.

And then one day, while sitting buck naked in the desert with the morning sun on my yoni, it clicked.

My sexuality—my amazing sexual energy—didn’t only exist when in partnership. It existed 24/7. Every day. And it came from inside me.


How do you learn to do yoni magic?

We all have different beliefs about sex, and I’m not implying that anyone has to change their beliefs. However, I didn’t start feeling or practicing yoni magic until I went through a huge transformation.

The journey will manifest in different ways for different people.

It might look like coming to terms with sexual orientation, gender identity, or the way your sexuality is influenced by your sexual orientation or gender identity.

It might look like being more accepting of your kinks or your partner’s kinks. For some it might look like consensually exploring those kinks.

And for others, it might be doing work to destigmatizing sexuality, retraining the mind from thinking sex is taboo, or embracing that sex can be for pleasure and not just for procreation.

Things will start to click.


Why is it called “yoni” magic and not “sexual” magic?

Maybe this is just superstition. Maybe it is rooted in truth. But my understanding is that yoni magic and sexual (or tantric) magic are two completely separate energies.

For those who practice tantra (even non-sexual forms of tantra like yab-yum), there is usually a connection of energy fields and an exchange of energy between two partners.

The yin partner (usually a vagina-owner) gives energy from their heart into the heart chakra of the yang partner (usually a penis-owner). The yang partner then passes that energy down to their sacral chakra before offering it to the yin partner’s sacral chakra. The yin partner receives that sacral energy before pulling it up to their heart chakra and starting over.

For partners that join their bodies together along with their spirits, it is common for the yang partner to lose jing or sexual energy. Yin partners, on the other hand, increase their jing when they orgasm!

Sexual magic can be very powerful and lovely, but yoni magic is a totally different animal.

Yoni magic doesn’t necessarily involve partners. It can be a solely individual practice and doesn’t necessarily have to involve masturbation or orgasm. Essentially, its main crux is simply appreciating how awesome your yoni is.


What does yoni magic look like?



It can manifest in intense sexual energy, lots of play and exploration with toys, the charging and use of crystal and glass toys for all-over massage, wearing sexy lingerie, dancing to sexy music, flirting around on dating apps, or taking photos and putting them online.

Some even practice yoni magic as a form of sex work, using their intense magical practice to make money while also growing their jing energy.



For some, it looks like hanging out on nude beaches with the sun on their yoni, honoring the menstrual cycle, celebrating the creative life-giving energy of the body, bubble baths, soft sheets, wearing anything feminine, doing one’s makeup, being pampered, or treating oneself to anything (especially if it’s flowers or chocolate).



I mean, honestly, the sky is the limit. As long as you’re conscious of your awesome yoni energy, you’re probably practicing yoni magic.


What can yoni magic do?



First off, yoni magic builds yoni energy, the super-charged feminine energy used for creation. Traditionally that energy is used to create a new life and wee babes, but today that’s not always a priority.

(I should say that if you’re looking to create new life, continue practicing yoni magic and growing that yoni energy! I’m not a doctor, so take my feedback with a huge grain of salt. But yoni energy is powerful and spiritually healing.)

Since we’re not really using that energy to make babies, we’ve got a whole truckload of creative energy just lying around. USE IT TO MANIFEST SOMETHING AMAZING.

Whether you’re setting intentions and affirmations before taking a sensual bubble bath, wrapping daisies in your hair, or feeling yo’self with that rose quartz, you’re using that yoni energy to bring things to life.



Personally, I have found that yoni magic can even resolve karmic wounds.

While I highly recommend envisioning and affirming the dream partner you want while you massage, sometimes old partners come to mind. Sometimes those memories are of incredibly unfulfilling or toxic moments in those relationships. For some, those can even be moments of severe trauma.

Using that yoni energy, imagine how the scenario would have played out if both partners had been their fullest and most perfect expression of spiritual love. Visualize the old wounds dissolving as you imprint this vision across all lifetimes. Use your yoni energy to make it real.

Say these affirmations:  Through this lifetime and across all others, you and that partner will never again make this karmic mistake. If you cross one another’s paths again, you will do it with more love than existed in this lifetime. This trauma will never happen again.

And then let it go.

These memories may continue to pop up, especially if traumatic or deeply imprinted. Continue to use your yoni energy to send healing vibrations across all lifetimes. Be sure to send lots of healing energy to your heart (AND YONI) in this lifetime too.


“I’m scared of my yoni and yoni magic.”

Don’t be! If you’re still dealing with trauma or other beliefs that make it scary for you to interact with your yoni, that’s okay. There’s no pressure!

You can still work magic and embrace your jing energy without even going near your yoni (Although it still loves you and probably misses you oodles and doodles.)

If you’re wanting to practice, just find a different way to express your divine feminine energy. A healing bath may be exactly what you need.

You may also want to envision sending energy from your other chakras to heal and nurture your sacral chakra, especially after trauma.

Continue to envision love, send love, and be love. Your magic is special, and it doesn’t look like anyone else’s.


“I’m trans/gender neutral, so my relationship to yoni energy (and/or my yoni) is complicated.”

That is okay. A universe of love and energy knows your story and is open and nurturing. It sees your spiritual body (who you are in your heart) and not your physical form.

If you want to practice yoni magic, practice it. Work with your spiritual yoni if that feels good.

If you don’t want to practice yoni magic, then don’t! It may not feel right to you if your spiritual body is more yang, and that is a-okay.


“I like having sex with people, and I feel like you’re judging me!”

FRIEND, I KNOW. I had a lot of baggage back then, and I’m still using some of my yoni energy to heal that bad energy that I sent out to people.

But for goodness sake, GO GET YOU SOME. I am over here clapping for you. (Also I’m a Momma Bear, so use protection and get tested. xoxoxoxoxox)

If you enjoy making whoopie, you can 100% use that experience to build your yoni energy.

A note for trans women: 

Pre-estrogen or pre-surgery transgender women should note that, in traditional medicine, jing is lost during ejaculation but not orgasm. While I haven’t had a male experience, there are multiple tantra blogs out there that explain the difference and how to generate jing while having a male experience.

I’m sad to say that I haven’t seen any that are specifically geared for pre-surgery trans women. They all use the term “men” for those with a male experience. I wouldn’t mind working on a piece about it if you’re interested, so leave a comment below!

You may also be interested in working with your spiritual yoni while building jing in your physical body.


“What kind of yoni magic rituals are out there?
What can I do to send love to my yoni?
How can I use yoni energy to manifest my goals?”

Stay tuned, my babes. I’m going to be cooking up all kinds of rituals and then linking them to this blog!

For now, I’m gonna go dance to Lizzo in some lingerie and eat some whipped frickin’ cream.

Go celebrate your yoni!

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