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The final eclipse of this eclipse season is coming on July 5th, 2020 with the Full Moon in Capricorn! It’s a penumbral lunar eclipse, which means that only a section of the moon will have a shadow.

For those of you wanting to see it, it will be visible in the eastern part of the USA and the western part of Europe and North Africa.

We also have the start of the Alpha Capricornids, a meteor shower that lasts from around July 3rd through August 15th. Its true peak is on July 28th-29th with five large fireball meteors expected an hour. However, I saw one this past weekend on June 26th! Just keep an eye out over the next month for some surprise gifts from the cosmos.


Reflection on 2020 Cancer New Moon

The energy from the Cancer New Moon on June 20th continues to spark change, and we gently move into its complimentary Capricorn Full Moon. While Cancer is the momma of the zodiac, Capricorn is its dad and that protective and hardworking energy is going to ramp up. Read on to see my reflections on the 2020 Capricorn New Moon as well as its influence on current events.


Who Is Capricorn?

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign, known for being industrious and realistic. Though it’s the daddy of the zodiac, it’s traditionally a feminine sign—a duality that I always have a hard time wrapping my head around!

Capricorns are often shy loners, who keep their feelings and dreams to themselves. While some people may see them as aloof and uncaring, they actually choose to be alone because they have issues trusting others. People have let them down in the past, but they know that they will always show up for themselves, no matter what.

Their power lies in their heightened organizational ability, drive and determination, strategic mind, and ability to analyze a situation from all angles. When they set their mind to something, they will see it through to the end—after sitting down for an intense planning session and writing out every single task they need to do over the next five years! If you get in their way of accomplishing something or make fun of them for their goals, watch out. Though not verbally hateful, Capricorn will continue working toward their goal and steam-roll you in the process.

Capricorns were born leaders, managers, teachers, and politicians, because they possess the ability to dream, plan, and see an idea through to the very end.

If all of this makes Capricorn sound boring, you’re missing the point!

Remember, Capricorn works alone not because they dislike other people but because people let them down.

Capricorn’s biggest desire is to have a community or a group of people that will actually be there for them. Their inner child needs a lot of love and care, and when it’s given it, Capricorn blossoms. For those that actually show up, Capricorn is incredibly loyal and supportive. They will do anything for the people in their life that they love, and they’re actually a sentimental crybaby underneath. Not that you’ll ever see it.

They’re also hilarious! With a dry sense of humor like British comedy, Capricorns will silently observe a situation before letting a zinger fly.

Take this whole description of Capricorn and dip it in the gilding of pride. Honor is one of their most important values, and they look at most things through this lens. They do the right thing because they are supposed to do the right thing. They are loyal to their partners because it would be dishonorable to cheat. They help old ladies across the street, will drive 10 hours across the country to help their kid fix a flat tire, and will put everything on their to-do list aside to check things off of their “honey-do” list instead.

Usually, they’re depicted with reputation and career as their main priorities, but that does them a disservice! When you truly stop and look at reputation and career, you’ll realize that they are just two expressions of their TRUE priority:  love. Capricorns simply want your approval, and they want you to stick around. But they will never actually tell you that.


Lunar Eclipse Meaning

A lunar eclipse has us turn toward our home life and personal relationships. Since the moon is associated with the feminine and the emotional, our emotions and intuition are especially heightened during this time. Though we might see (or rather psychically feel) conflict or disharmony in our relationships, we’re able to use that gentle energy to resolve issues and create harmony.

Since this full moon is in Capricorn, our focus may look on the balance between our relationships and our work life. Are we spending too much time working toward our mission and neglecting our family and friends?


Other Planetary Interactions

The strongest aspect during this Full Moon in Capricorn is Luna (lunar eclipse) trine Uranus, which is a positive aspect. Uranus is the rebel child of the planets and does whatever the hell it wants. If it doesn’t like the traditional way of things, it will build a new path. A hyper-creative planet, it brings with it the ability to create new things, be oneself, rebel against archaic ways of doing things, and progress. It also imbues people with a sense of emotional intelligence and freedom, allowing us to fight for what we believe in without being tied to the affections of our families. Because it’s the rebel planet, we can sometimes feel disconnected from our communities, but in that rebelliousness, we find new communities of like-minded people.

We also have Mercury square Mars. This is a disharmonious aspect that enhances our anger and causes arguments. However, it also heralds the rise of powerful leaders who are able to use their voices to share their experiences and enact change. This interaction is actually often found in the birth charts of famous reformers!

And Mercury sextile Uranus. Another positive aspect, this one combines the rebellious nature of Uranus with the communicator, Mercury. This interaction allows people to pick apart stories, put them back together again, and communicate them in the best way possible to fight against the old ways of doing things. Mercury’s curiosity ties with Uranus’s creativity, which lets us think toward the future and create a world that we want to live in.

Luna is also conjunct Vesta, an asteroid named after the Roman goddess of the hearth. The moon’s feminine energy and the motherly energy of Vesta draw out Capricorn’s hidden caring nature. Behind the rough exterior of planner/doer/immovable force, there are tender desires to protect one’s home and welcome people into your space.


What About This Full Moon in Capricorn?

GOD, yes, this full moon is going to be hopping.

Capricorn is a go-getter, planner, strategist, leader, authority figure, and immovable force. While our sun floats through the loving and protective energy of Cancer, this full moon has us CHARGED UP with powerful energy to get shit done. Capricorn has love in their heart—don’t get me wrong—but if you aren’t one of those people that love and support them, they will plow you over and move through you to get what they want. Capricorn also knows that their power comes from within, and they don’t need other people to approve of them in order to accomplish things.

We pair this with the rebellious energy of Uranus that seeks a better future instead of living in archaic traditions. Mercury square Mars keeps us amped up and argumentative but also ushers in the leaders we need. And Mercury sextile Uranus helps those leaders learn how to share their stories in the most productive way possible. Moon conjunct Vesta has us focused on the meaning of “home” and the ability to welcome people into our spaces.

Ironically, Capricorn rules the 10th house, which is the house in charge of our governments, political affiliations, authority figures, and life direction. If we combine all of this? The BLM movement is not going to slow down, though to me it looks like the protesting may start to die down. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, as this energy shifts to tangible changes, rebellious and outspoken leaders, and other leaders that are able to share their story in loving ways. Both of those styles of communication are definitely needed to get through to people!

On top of it, a full moon brings us feminine energy and has us checking in on the balance between our social and our personal lives. We can’t continuously push towards reform without feeling a bit burnt out. Doing a check-in with your people, setting up your security nets, and reaching out to mental health professionals can be invaluable. Remember that we need to balance Capricorn’s melancholy energy and tendency to drink. I know that is a terrible Capricorn stereotype which is why I didn’t include it in Capricorn’s description. However, I include it here because it never hurts to check in with yourself about your vices.

This full moon also happens in the second decanate of Cancer, which Woolfolk says is associated with intensity. This is a period where people are able to think on their feet quickly, work hard on tangible things, and be sensitive to other’s needs. However, we might get entrenched in a goal and not be able to adapt when things don’t go as planned.


Health Concerns

Capricorn rules our knees, bones, and teeth, while its planetary ruler Saturn focuses on our skin and gallbladder. Capricorn is known for having very strong bones and constitutions, though they often suffer from a “trick knee,” arthritis, and dry skin.

Traditionally, Capricorns were thought to embody more melancholy than other signs with a tendency to embrace alcohol to cope with stress. Similar to Cancer, they’re also big fans of spicy food, which causes intestinal upset.

Following the same advice as the Cancer New Moon a few weeks ago, I would avoid spicy foods and any new cuisines to keep our stomachs calm during a time of heightened stress. It might also be a good time to reach out to friends or therapists to help manage feelings of loss, fear, or tension that are welling up. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages if possible, as they’re not only bad for mental health in general but will also be especially damning while the moon rests in Capricorn.

Take time for yourself. Float in the warm water of a lake, hang in a hammock, or take to the woods to rest and relax.


Full Moon Ritual

For this ritual, we head outside under the Full Moon and connect with the feminine moon and feminine earth.

We establish a sacred space however we see fit. You may put out a special blanket to sit on, light candles, burn sage or incense, or meditate.

Similar to the new moon ritual, we start with our journal, writing down all the things we are letting go of. Any limiting beliefs, painful emotions, or old relationships, we write down.

Specific ideas for this full moon are posted below the ritual. For any full moon, it is appropriate to let go of negative energy and our limiting beliefs.

These might manifest as:

  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m not as good as them.
  • I’m worried about _______.
  • I am afraid of failing.
  • I’m afraid of what other people think of me.
  • I don’t think that I have anything of value to add to others’ lives.
  • I feel like I have to do everything to be a good person.
  • This specific person should _______ (love me, be nicer, do what I want them to do).

After you’re done writing everything out, place your list in a fire. Some may have a bonfire burning during their rituals. Others may wish to burn it in a small, fireproof bowl.

Cleanse your energy, either with sage, incense, meditation, a song, water, or any other way you prefer to cleanse yourself. A lunar bath would also be lovely! Hold your intention of letting go in your mind.

Before heading back inside, remember that the full moon is a great time to charge crystals or make moon water.

If it’s a lunar eclipse, the energy will be especially cleansing, especially for residual emotions. If there is an object that you own that you have especially negative feelings about, it might be a nice evening to set it in the moonlight (indoors is fine) to help remove some of its bad energy.


The Summer Moon Cycle

A pretty straightforward moon title this month, hm? The new moon in July is known as the Summer moon, but it’s also called the Thunder or the Buck moon. For those of you who practice storm magic, get your supplies in order for a lot of stormwater and storm-charged crystals. The thunderstorm and tornado season is upon us.

Kind of goes hand in hand with the protesting and political change, no? Bring on the storm.


Specific Goals for July 2020 Full Moon in Capricorn

Some goals that you want to set during the Capricorn New Moon are:

  • anything associated with responsibility and goals (adulting, keeping our promises, following through, ambition, dedication, planning, financial plans)
  • anything associated with our public image (leadership, authority, our career, respect, social status or the social ladder)
  • anything associated with authority figures (especially fathers, bosses, and governmental figures, traditions)
  • anything associated with gloominess (not allowing ourself to feel joy, pessimism, working too hard and never playing)
  • and anything associated with the future (the future you want to see, growing up, buying homes, retirement, etc.)

Some examples could be:

  • I follow through on the promises I make to others.
  • I will make a vision board for the future I want to create.
  • My career is taking me where I want to be.
  • My hard work pays off, and I’m able to achieve what I want/earn what I want/live where I want.
  • I will not allow my community’s traditions to pin me down.
  • I am allowed to play.
  • It is okay to take breaks to enjoy my life now.


Summary of July 2020 Capricorn Full Moon

The July 2020 Full Moon in Capricorn coincides with a lunar eclipse with moon trine Uranus and Mercury square Mars and sextile Uranus. These combine to amplifies our feminine energy and intuition, rebellious energy and willingness to fight against tradition, creativity, curiosity, and anger. It also brings about natural-born leaders that are able to share their stories.

Capricorn itself is associated with dedication, planning, hard work, protective energy, and the future. It also rules the 10th house which holds our government and authority figures!

 Capricorn helps us take that protective energy of Cancer and write out a game plan for the future. We feel more organized, dedicated, and ready, like a train that’s starting to turn its wheels. By thinking creatively and communicating both with love and with passion and anger, we will start to move away from the “traditional” way things were done in this nation. We are concerned with our social standing and our future, and we will work towards making our communities safer places where all citizens are treated equally and fairly. It is a powerful full moon.

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