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On June 21, 2020, the New Moon in Cancer focuses us on our emotions, home life, communities, freedom/restriction, and our need to protect those that we love. It will be a time of intense, positive energy that’s able to enact change. (For those of you interested, this eclipse will be visible in Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan, northern India, Nepal, and southern China.)


What’s the Deal With Cancer?

Cancer is the highly empathic momma of the zodiac. Often emotional, Cancer takes on everyone’s pain like they were their own children. Whereas other signs defend their own group fiercely, Cancer defends EVERYONE fiercely. They hate injustice, pain, sorrow, and loss, and they will go above and beyond to assist anyone.

Their empathic ability causes them to become overwhelmed easily. They can drain themselves quickly and severely if they trying to fix everyone else’s problems. They will go through periods of rest and dormancy, withdrawing until they’re ready to serve again.

While Cancer has a soft and squishy side, they also have that notorious shell.

Cancer’s own feelings are usually hidden behind a hard and impenetrable wall. Where Pisces lets their emotions flow with ease, Cancer holds them in until the dam reaches its breaking point. This can result in outbursts (tears, anger, or both). Cancer will share their true feelings only with extreme difficulty. This doesn’t mean that they don’t care.

They care.


It’s just difficult for them to get those feelings out.

Cancer’s symbol is a crab, a solitary animal that lives close to its burrow. So it’s no surprise that Cancers LOVE TO BE AT HOME. They are usually internally-driven and drained by others, so they relish any opportunity to stay at home in their own space.

They will absolutely entertain others, but they will do it on their own turf, on their own time, when they’re energetically ready, and with a HUGE chunk of downtime afterward to regroup.

Cancer is also notoriously industrious. Just as crabs maintain their burrows, Cancers work hard and dream big. It’s easy for them to envision something and then put in the effort needed to create it. These projects can help Cancers process their empathic emotions, especially when they are tangible projects that make the world a better place.


What About This Specific New Moon in Cancer?

The Cancer New Moon brings that Cancer energy to all of us. During this time, we will probably all feel more inclined to hide in our shells, tucking ourselves away in our houses where we feel safe. We will also feel more protective of our loved ones, while simultaneously absorbing more of the emotional tension from the world around us.

As I write this, protests are popping up all over the United States. This energy—the pain, the anger, the fear—is already overwhelming. But Cancer season ensures that we will be turning in to those emotions even more than we are now.

For many people, that may mean hiding from protests at home—even if they support the Black Lives Matter movement. The fear, pain, shock, and danger is too much to handle for some. (This is especially true for people who have Cancer in their charts.) We may also experience more emotional rollercoasters, having days of complete normalcy while others are dark pits of depression and pain.

Because of that focus on “home,” we might be inclined to host others in our homes and communities. We could be opening our homes to support protesters that need food, water, and rest. Or host our own family and friends over for meals. The safety of these family gatherings allows us to have difficult conversations, communicate with love, and educate those closest to us.

We will also feel hyper-protective of the people around us.

Yes, that means BLM will form a tighter-knit community of support.

But it also means police forces will band together with National Guard, and communities that foment hate will only become more entrenched in their groups. It could be a dangerous time.


What Does The Solar Eclipse Mean For This New Moon?

A solar eclipse amplifies feelings of excitement and positivity, and the sun’s masculine energy helps us take action. Naturally, a solar eclipse is the herald of new beginnings! I hope that that means the beginning of a new era of justice in our world.

The positivity of the solar eclipse joins with Cancer’s emotional sector:  we feel positive, uplifted, hopeful.  It’s still a few weeks out, but my hope is that even more reparations will be made to honor those we have lost, prosecute those who have committed violence, and protect our communities from further police violence. The way our political system is, it probably won’t happen in just a few weeks. If it doesn’t, those positive emotions from Cancer will help us keep going. We will remember that our country has enacted change in the past, and it’s going to do it again.

With the eclipse at 0 degrees Cancer, our energy is projected OUTWARD. Forget the internal work; we’re creating something tangible. Shit is GOING to change.

Those changes will happen at the roots. Though they might be small now, these changes will ripple up throughout our society in the coming years.

You might have a conversation with a relative that opens their eyes to injustice. With time, they will stand tall and speak out about injustices that they once caused.


Are There Other Planetary Aspects?

Two aspects occur during this eclipse:  square Mars in Pisces and trine Saturn in Aquarius.

Mars rules anger and violence. With is residing in Pisces, it’s going to be more emotional with a lot of anger-tears. Makes sense when you think of the intense sorrow for the loss of Black community members and rage at those who took their lives.

Saturn, as you might remember, is the zodiac’s Ron Swanson Daddy. He’s a do-it-yourself go-getter who doesn’t let anyone or anything get in his way. His presence helps us get down to business and focus on practical changes that we can make. Since Saturn is retrograde, that energy is focused more on wrapping things up.


Focusing On Your Health

Cancer rules the chest, breasts, stomach, pancreas and lymphatic system, and the vagina/ovary/womb.

Usually Cancers store a lot of their stress in their breasts (leading to breast cancer) or their stomachs (leading to digestive issues and…….well, stress tummy aches.).

Because this is a highly stressful time, prioritize stress-reducing activities (meditation, exercise, talking to friends and family members, hanging with your pets) and eat easy-to-digest foods. Stay away from foods that cause you intestinal distress, even if they’re your favorites. I wouldn’t try any new cuisines right now.



Getting to the fun part, we’ve got a new moon ritual on the horizon.

Like always, it’s a time of setting intentions, hoping for the best, and celebrating what you accomplished over the past moon cycle.

Usually, I like to do my new moon ritual outside in the darkness, sometimes with a candle burning.

While you can do this with others, be sure to create a sacred, quiet space where you’re able to set intentions without interruption.

You can write anything you want on your paper, though for goal-setting sake, you’ll probably want to choose one big goal and one new habit to start from your list. Just for the sake of reducing overwhelm.

Once you’re written your goals, imagine what it’s going to feel like when you accomplish each goal and truly envision that future reality.

And then fold these wishes and place them on a window ledge where the powerful moon energy can pass over it as it moves back into a Full Moon.


Specific Goals For June 2020 New Moon in Cancer

Some goals that you want to set during the Cancer New Moon are:

  • anything associated with nurturing (caring for others, being taken care of, mothering or becoming a mother)
  • anything associated with home life (your physical house, family, security, financial security)
  • anything associated with tenderness (empathy, vulnerability, awareness of yours and others feelings)
  • anything associated with your shell (hiding, possessiveness, feeling insecure, fear)

Some examples could be:

  • I will help out my parents/grandparents (shopping, lawn work, etc.)
  • I intend to spend more time bonding with my children.
  • I open my womb to allow new life to come in.
  • I am no longer afraid of being vulnerable. I will allow my feelings to be expressed.
  • I open myself to divine presence that allows me to be more empathic and in-tune with other’s feelings.

That being said, this Cancer New Moon aligns perfectly with political action. Please consider setting some or all of these intentions, and then see them through:

  • I will protect and fight for my community and for justice.
  • I will show love to everyone around me.
  • I will stand up and guard the innocent.
  • I will no longer hide in my shell. I will step out of it to educate myself on how to better love my “family,” my community, my city.
  • I welcome all people into my home/heart/life/neighborhood.
  • I will find a way to be a mother to the politically active community:  volunteering at water stations/donating to bails/amplifying voices/protecting Black protesters with my own body. If I live on a street where protests are happening, I will open my door to shield those who are being attacked by bullets and tear gas.
  • Change starts with me. I will educate myself/reach out/speak out/bring educational opportunities to my community/protest/donate/call senators/write letters/contact my police department to ensure that there is safety for everyone. This is how I can express my love. This is how I keep my community safe.


Summary of June 2020 New Moon in Cancer

The June 2020 New Moon in Cancer occurs alongside a solar eclipse, with square Mars and trine Saturn. This amplifies your outward energy, positivity, frustration, anger, hard work, and effort.

Cancer itself is associated with your emotions, home life, community, nurturing, fear, and hiding in a shell.

This specific new moon narrows in on the balance between freedom and restriction. We will all be watching, learning, fighting, protesting, and trying to change the world in a positive way. Our hearts want to love and protect our communities, and we are fucking tired of the violence enacted on our BIPOC citizens. We will use our mothering energy to stand up for what’s right. Rather than hide in our shell from the world, we will wield it to protect others.

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