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A full moon in Aries occurs on October 1, 2020. Aries is known for its wild creation energy, chaotic nature, and ability to start things. They don’t have time to mince words and will act out in rebellion quickly.

However, this is a full moon, which is normally a time of releasing. At the end of the post, I provide a few journaling prompts to work.

It’s the Blood, Travel, or Hunter’s Moon, and for those of you interested in other astronomical ongoings, we also have a meteor shower happening in October. The Orionids will be falling from October 2, 2020 to November 7, 2020. They peak on the evening of October 20, 2020 with around 10-20 meteors an hour. That means we’ll have prime viewing time during the Libra new moon this month.


About Aries

Ah, Aries, we love you.

A Fire and Cardinal sign, Aries has that combination of heightened passions and energy + the ability to start new things and work hard. However, they’re ruled by Mars, which is that firey planet of conflict, arguments, and war.

If we could bottle Aries into just a few words, they would be adventurous, enthusiastic, aggressive, short of patience, independent, and friendly.

Aries is a creative initiator, known for starting new projects, setting out into the great unknown, and being a pioneer on the front lines of political causes. They seek excitement always, which helps them innovate and plow through the boring parts of a project quickly. However, they’re known to get bored easily and will give up on projects if they don’t work out immediately or will change their path if blocked. They will go where no one has gone before, get the work done, and plow on to the next thing without your permission or acknowledgment.

They’re also known for being aggressive, both in the way they handle projects and…well…personally. Usually, this aggression comes out as impatience for people who aren’t able or willing to solve their own problems. Aries will not sit around and listen to someone whine; they can’t wrap their heads around it! If only Aries realized that not all of the signs have their own combustible engine powering them at all times! Their impatience can cause them to speak sharply, and they’ve been known to be impulsive or rash, regretting their words later.

However, that aggressiveness doesn’t mean that they aren’t friendly! Aries loves to talk and tell you what they think. Their honest nature lets you know exactly where you stand with them, and they usually don’t mean any harm by telling you it like it is. They also have that excited, child-like energy of a Leo, so you’ll never be bored if you’re tagging along with Aries.

The most important thing to remember about an Aries is that YOU CANNOT TELL THEM WHAT TO DO. While they can be a leader, that’s not necessarily their focus. Their main priority is INDEPENDENCE.

Aries is a wild force, something that cannot be held or tamed. They are like chaotic pixie energy, swirling in to create something beautiful before buzzing off to something else exciting.

Give them space to do their thing? You’ll always be surrounded by new projects, exciting people, and probably political activism.

Try to change them or tell them what to do? Aries will leave your company immediately or throw a serious hissy fit if they have no way out.


How the Aspects Influence This Moon

There’s honestly not a lot going on Aspect wise for this moon. We have a few things applying, but they’re all 5° or more away (Sun Square Jupiter, Moon Square Jupiter, and Mercury Opposite Uranus). Their effects will start being seen in the next few weeks as they move closer together.

We’ll once again be working towards a more ideal future together and be more inclined to sacrifice what we want for the greater good. However, our emotions will be heightened, and we’ll need loads of cuddling and snuggles from our loved ones! The pressure from the outside world might be too much to deal with.

This energy will only get stronger in the next few weeks.

Currently we’re mostly feeling Mars Square Saturn, that energy left over from the last new moon that made it harder for us to finish what we started and made us a bit scatterbrained. It’s starting to fade, though, so no more worries there.

We might also be feeling more creative, restless, innovative, and pushing for reform with a Jupiter Sextile Neptune. A Mars Square Pluto makes us strong-headed, forceful, judgemental, and hypercritical.

All in all, these aspects have me thinking that the fuzzy summer energy of overwhelm, burnout, and recovery is starting to fade. Pathways are opening in the stars that are once again going to push this country into protests focused on reformation and rights.

All of the pieces are in place now. We are rested and recharged, and the stars are screaming for rebellion. My guess is that another riot will break out on the evenings of Oct 7-9, 2020.


Our Health Priorities For Right Now

Aries is associated with the head and everything in it (our eyes, brain, scalp, and skin). During stressful times, Aries is known to get headaches and have breakouts on their face.

This would be a good time to get a massage for the tension we hold in our shoulders, focus on yoga poses that stretch our shoulders and neck, and to focus on our posture.

We may also want to pull back on the amount of makeup or products we’re putting on our skin, allowing it to breathe. Drink plenty of water, and resist foods that cause breakouts (usually chocolate, peanut butter, dairy, fried foods, and sugar).



Journaling Ideas for the 2020 Full Moon in Aries

On the Aries Full Moon, we look back to the goals we set six months ago. How much progress have you made? Is it time to remove or revise some of those goals? Have you finished some of them already?

It’s also time to let go of those goals or habits that no longer serve us. While those habits can be anything, I’ll specifically give you a few Aries-focused prompts to write about.

  • Aries is known for its independence and self-focused nature. Are we embodying that energy right now? How good are we at perceiving other people’s needs or putting others first? How are we showing up in our relationships? Is it in a selfish or impulsive manner? Are we giving other people space to express themselves?
  • Are we holding on to anger? Situations that happened to us in the past year that still make us furious? Bad relationships? Bad bosses? Things people said to us that still rub us the wrong way? Is there any way that we can release this anger, whether it be by moving our bodies, taking a retreat, or ceremonially releasing it?
  • What are we afraid of right now? What would life look like if we were able to overcome those fears? Who would we be? How would we act? If it is an outside force that we are afraid of, is there any way of overcoming it and finding a place where we are less afraid?
  • Where are we wasting our energy? Can we stop sending our energy to those sources? How? What is one step we can take today to move away from that energy drain?
  • What secrets are we keeping? About others? About ourselves? How are we lying to ourselves at this very moment? What is one step we can take to be radically honest and straight-forward with ourselves?

Enjoy your moon, my friends, and do some major self-care before Oct 7-9. Brace yourself for tension in the coming weeks.

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