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The Aquarius Full Moon on August 3, 2020 holds some powerful secrets for us, like the juicy treasure ripening on my peach trees right now. (Cannot get enough of them.) Coming into fruition just days after Lammas, this Fruit Moon feels like it couldn’t come at a more aligned time.

Before we dive in, I want to give a little magical heads up for you astrology lovers that the Perseid meteor shower is also occurring right now. Running from July 17 through August 26, it will peak on August 11-12 with 50-75 meteors an hour. From my memory, it is the second most prolific meteor shower in the Northern Hemisphere after the winter meteor showers. With the warm nights and the peak occurring closer to the new moon, it might be a lovely opportunity for stargazers.

What’s the Deal With Aquarius?

An air sign (like Gemini and Libra), Aquarius is a social person and rules the 11th House of Friendships!

First and foremost, Aquarius is fixated on independence. If they feel trapped by their circumstance, relationships, or other peoples’ requirements of them, Aquarius will bounce so hard out of there. They have a claustrophobic tendency that means restriction of their self-expression leads them into a panic.

While the independence thing seems to be counterintuitive to friendship-making, Aquarians are probably the most healthy sign when it comes to building friendships and setting boundaries. They have huge hearts and understand the deep troubles and pain that people go through. After all, they wish that everyone could be happy! When an Aquarius chooses to be your friend, they are willing to go WAY out of their way for you if you really need them. But their independent nature prevents you from ever becoming dependent on them. They are a true friend who is there to walk with you through this until you’re able to stand on your own again. And when you can, they’ll hoop and holler and cheer you on.

They’re also known for being the kookiest sign of the zodiac. Some people associate them with the flower child or the indigo child. They’re full of paradoxes (love friend time and also extreme isolation; travel and being a homebody). And they’re also rebellious for rebellion’s sake. They enjoy picking fights with people that they don’t think are progressive, even if it’s just through witty banter that tests other people’s ideas of existence.

They are forward thinkers who are always adapting to technology around them, marching into the future with their eyes and ears open. It helps them be a true visionary. Their quick minds, grasp of tech, and idealistic nature help them envision a utopian future that they are able to create. Quite frequently, Aquarians are associated with artistic or political movements that help to improve their communities.

However, Aquarians are also known for being detached and distant. They need ample time to recharge themselves and a great deal of independence that other zodiac signs may not quite be able to grasp. Sometimes, they have difficulties being in close relationships if they feel like they don’t have the space to breathe. They also can have a hard time processing emotions and can even disassociate from them in some instances.

Underneath everything, Aquarians want to know that they have the space to be themselves and that the people around them love them for who they truly are–paradoxes and all.


Are There Other Planetary Aspects?

Moon and Sun Square Uranus

When the moon is square Uranus, there are more frequent opportunities for random change, unsettling events, or unpredictable behavior in others. During this time, you might be called to find a solution to a situation where you’ve been wronged. Your creative energy is at a maximum, although your ability to think things through is NOT. Your solutions will come to you from a place of unexpectedness, a psychic download if you will.

No matter how hard you try, planning is not going to be your friend when it comes to seeking out solutions. But decisions made in the heat of an argument often lead to pain in the future.

Your conflicts during this window often arise in community and family environments. This energy may leave you wanting to reinstate your individuality and independence. It might be a period of heightened tension and explosive emotions, so watch out!

When the sun is square Uranus, that means that our individuality and eccentric lifestyle choices at this period in time leaves all eyes on us. This can be super stressful when we just want to be alone! While everyone continues to get up in our business and the space we’ve created, we continue to become more and more stressed out about their infringements. It is going to be very, very difficult to unwind.

If you’re able to, assert your space by setting boundaries with your family, or take to the woods and disappear for a while!


Mercury Opposite Saturn

When Mercury (our communication) goes opposite Saturn (hard work and practicality), we settle in for some intense analysis, discussions, and action. When Mercury and Saturn are aligned, we’re able to think deeply, calculate with a clear mind, and communicate well with others about our goals. But when they are in opposition, it hints that these conversations will be more difficult for us.

To start, we may have a hard time analyzing within our own heads. Emotions (which are already difficult to process when Saturn is around) may get stuck inside our own heads, and we might not be able to put labels to them. We also might start spinning our wheels and getting trapped in thought patterns. Be prepared to run over negative thoughts, negative experiences, and negative self-talk constantly during this period.

If we’re actually willing and able to sit down with another human being and talk about what’s going on, the words are not going to come out correctly. Expressing those negative emotions to another person will most probably result in severe misunderstandings and violent verbal lashing-outs from others. People will be more prone to unthinkingly use derogatory words, hateful speech, and pessimism, and these verbal injuries will only drive the knife down between you more. You will want even more than before the ability to disappear into your own solitude and individuality.

Naturally, that’s going to start bringing up the pessimism and sad thinking that is associated with Saturn (and Capricorn) at their lowest. The feeling like you are never good enough, have never been good enough, and will never be good enough. The thought that you don’t belong here. The belief that if you want something done (whether that’s an actual task or your own emotional support, care, and love), you should just do it yourself. You no longer want to ask others for emotional tenderness and love.


Mars Square Jupiter

Finally, we have Mars coming square Jupiter, which increases our reckless behavior and impulsiveness. This aspect makes us detach from our actions and the ways that they affect people. We might be using our Mercury-Saturn energy to analyze complex subjects around our income, possessions, or our place in a community or group. This might also increase our drive to run away and disappear in the hills for the next week or so.

Personally, I just set up camp in the wilderness and moved my office out there until this all blows over. I’m writing this on my last dregs of the internet before retreating all day tomorrow. (YIKES, STAY AWAY FROM ME!)


Focusing On Your Health

Aquarius is associated with our lower legs (calves, shins, Achilles tendon, and ankle), our forearms, and our thyroid.

As stated above, when the moon is in Aquarius, it is a wonderful time to book energetic healing sessions (such as Reiki, acupuncture, or massage). My instinct is telling me right now that a good sports massage focused on your legs and arms might be especially healing right now.


Summary of June 2020 New Moon in Cancer

The August 2020 Full Moon is an interesting one. The Aquarius energy pairs with Leo energy, and we’re left with this intense drive to be ourselves! While Leo focuses on internal power and our ability to manifest within our own lives, Aquarius looks at the way we can use our energy to serve others. With good aspects, this combo helps us to realize how coming into our complete expression of ourselves serves the greater world around us. It also makes us want to connect with our friends and families more, opening up our hearts and making people’s days. We might feel ultra creative and expressive, creating something that makes the world a better place while all eyes are on us. (I’m thinking of theater, music, etc.)

But these aspects during the August 2020 Full Moon have me feeling a bit tense.

Leo and Aquarius already STRIVE for intense independence and do not want to feel trapped by anyone. They’re a king and water, for Pete’s sake! During this full moon, we’ll be really pushing for our independence and attempting to set boundaries. The creativity that comes from Aquarius, the unpredictability of Moon/Sun square Uranus, and the impulsiveness of Leo makes me think that this could be a moon where we make some bad decisions for our future. (Come back, Capricorn, please!)

Mercury opposite Saturn makes it difficult for us to process emotions, communicate, and express ourselves. It also indicates that we might fixate of negative thoughts and feelings. Aquarius is already opposed to dealing with emotions, and Leo has a serious need to talk out loud in order to process their feelings. We will probably find it even more difficult to have meaningful conversations, and our egos will continuously be wounded by the thoughts we keep mulling about in our own heads.

The focus of Aquarius and Leo:  to know that they are loved and accepted by the people closest to them. And these aspects? They’re definitely going to interfere with that. All of us (not just Aquarians and Leos) are going to be feeling that intense need for love. But this is probably not a good time to be looking for it.

My advice is to spend some time alone in the wilderness, detach from your phone, get out your journal, and try to organize your thoughts and feelings on your own. Avoid communicating with others in as many situations as you can. Absolutely avoid arguments and conflict. Allow yourself space for alone time when you are done with work, and be sure to pamper your ego with things that make it happy.

If you’re interested in affirmations and journal prompts for your August 2020 Full Moon Ceremony, you can check them out here!

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