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This Aquarius Full Moon has a lot in store for us, marrying the energies of Aquarius and Leo, independence and adoration, serving others and becoming our best self, protecting humanity and protecting our pack.

If you want the full breakdown for the August 2020 Full Moon, head on over to the Full Moon Guide.

But if you’re ready to work on your journaling prompts during your Full Moon Ceremony, look no further.


First, We Have to Let Go

Full moons are a time of letting go and releasing expectations. During the Aquarius New Moon six months ago, we set intentions and made new goals that revolved around Aquarius’ powers and interests. Those seeds of intention have been growing and coming to fruition over the past six months, and it’s now time to weed that figurative garden.

Ultimately, we want to make room for the goals that truly serve us to keep shaping us into the person we want to be.

Not only should we be taking a look at our old goals, but it is also a wonderful time to let go of other things that are not serving us. These things might include:

  • negative or old thoughts, relationships, situations, beliefs, or objects
  • our fears (fear of letting go, change, opening up to others, starting over, wanting something different, missing out)
  • the thought that you’re not good enough or not as good as someone else
  • asking others for their approval or thinking your worth comes from other people
  • our worries (whatever they may be)


Specific Goals for the August 2020 Aquarius Full Moon

When we set goals back in January, we were looking at Aquarius’ awesome powers and setting goals involved with:

  • serving others (making the world a better place, diplomatically solving issues, ensuring that everyone is taken care of, looking at humanity as a whole)
  • friendships (forming new friendships or maintaining old ones, being honest and open with others, supporting those we love, sharing platonic love)
  • thinking creatively (psychic downloads, working with technology, breaking things down to understand them, learning new things, witty banter and writing, recombining ideas to create new experiences)
  • independence (creating our own space, asserting our boundaries, being too aloof, not being in touch with our emotions, taking in other people’s opinions on a matter)

However, we now have to look back on those goals. If they are no longer serving us, it is time to release them. If our plans to form community didn’t work out like we hoped, it is okay to let that dream go. If friendships we were building back then are no longer fulfilling, it is okay to release them.

If you didn’t set goals six months ago, you’re totally okay! You may just want to work with some releasing statements associated with those aspects. Your releasing statements might look like this:

  • I will no longer put effort into relationships that no longer make me happy.
  • It is no longer my job to make sure everyone is happy. It is my job to make sure that I am okay before I use my energy to assist others.
  • I am allowed to step away from technology and social media.
  • I do not have to be good at everything.
  • I am no longer interested in those hobbies I used to do in the past, and it’s alright to set them aside.
  • I am allowed to step away from my emotions.
  • I release myself from other people’s expectations around my emotions:  I am allowed to cry, to be angry, or to set my emotions aside if I want to. I am allowed to do whatever I want with my own feelings.
  • I will no longer allow other people’s opinions to influence my decisions.

Your statements could honestly be anything under the sun. They don’t have to be what I came up with! Whatever feels good to you that you are ready to release… It’s time to release it.


Journaling Ideas For August 2020 Full Moon in Aquarius

I started including journaling ideas into my moon rituals a few months ago, and they’ve been really fulfilling for me. Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.

Some things that are on my mind leading up to this full moon:

  • What does independence look like for me? In what ways is my independence being intruded on right now? In what ways am I able to be independent? What are some steps that I can take in this hour to establish independence?
  • What emotions do I need to step away from right now? What emotions have been overwhelming inside of my body? What are some emotions that I haven’t felt in a long time? Why?
  • Are there friends in my life that I haven’t talked to in a while? Do I want to talk to them? Why or why not? Are there any friendships that I would like to set boundaries in? Are there any friendships that I need to set a hard boundary with (blocking completely)?
  • What is one thing that I could do this week that would make me feel more creative? What is an artistic thing that I’ve always wanted to try but have been avoiding? What am I thinking when I avoid that activity? Am I scared that I am not good enough? That other people will judge me?

Anyway, short and sweet today. Enjoy your full moon, babes!

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